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Many Of Our Local Golf Courses Are Opening Early.   Because Of The Warm Weather In Many Areas.  Check The Ones Nearest To You!  Happy Golfing!


Why do some people spend over $200,000.00 to belong to a Country Club?  If you have the money it can be a huge tax write off.  Ask Donald Trump about that!  When you do business at a golf course and in the golf cart a client is with you,  guess what?  You have a captive audience for 4 to 6 hours.  Increase your bank account.


Megan Langford has been crowned Moseley Junior Champion at only 13 years old.  This was at the Bromsgrove Prep School in the UK.  She is the first female to receive this honor.  Megan picked up her first golf club when she was 5 years old.


Robert “Whitey” Adams, 78 Year Old blind golfer every morning goes golfing in Rock Hill, S.C.  He is a former club pro.   He has a genetic disorder that involves a breakdown and loss of the cells in the retina.  It has been getting  progressively worse.  He is now legally blind.  Hap is his  first seeing guide dog.   Hap is a 2 year old Black Labrador.  Hap will help him continue to golf for years to come.


Evelyn Cobrun at 100, she still loves golf!  She is also legally blind that doesn’t stop her from still chipping and putting in the hallways of her home at a senior complex at Picton Senior Complex in Canada near Toronto.  She has had an 80 year lover affair with Golf

    Sydney’s golf courses are gold mines, with developers looking to turn them into an estimated $40 ­billion worth of housing.  There are golf clubs selling slices of land — or in some cases all — of their land.  Between 10 and 15 of the city’s 91 golf courses are in financial ­trouble,  Golf Courses aren’t suppose to do that.

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