Kids Golf Forever in Paradise


Fred Couples, (back row with white hat), a pro golfer, poses for a picture with a group of military children representing America Supports You Homefront Group “Our Military Kids”, prior to the second annual AT&T National Golf Tournament in Bathesda, Md.
  • When kids golf at an early age and continue well into there senior years, it almost seems like they are golfing forever.
  • I started to golf when I was in my twenty’s because it never interested me when I was young.  It is probably because my father never golfed, so I never developed an interest in it until later on.

But, when I started to golf, I golfed  with a passion.  So here is where the kids part comes it.


After I got married my wife wanted to golf.  But, to make a long story short  she wanted all new stuff.  I bought her a Pink Golf Bag, Purple Woods, New Irons and Miss Peggy Head Covers.  So you can see I am dating myself.

She went golfing twice and hurt her neck and shoulders and guess what,  these new clubs and bag sat in our garage!  You can imagine I spent a little bit of money on her golf stuff.


When we had our first son, he started to take interest in golf when he was about ten years old.  Guess what, he said,  “Dad I want you to buy me  a new golf bag and clubs.”

Hmm,  I have just the bag and clubs for you son!  At first he fussed about the Pink Bag, Purple Woods and Miss Piggy Head Covers.  But then, something happened he enjoyed golfing so much that he forgot that they were his mothers clubs and he used them into his twenty’s.

So basically,  kids golf  because they learn to love the game.  By the way our second son waited until he was able to buy a used set of golf clubs because he didn’t want to use a pink bag.

Our sons are in their forty’s now and are glad they started to golf at an early age.  We travel a lot and have golfed in different parts of the world.

I would like to hear of your experience with any of your kids golfing.





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  1. Bobby,

    You are sooo right about this! Learning to golf as a child is critical to the game because let’s face it, who likes to play a game that they stink at?

    I practiced martial arts in my early twenties, and I was blown away by how some of the people my age were incredibly advanced in skill, way beyond me, and all because they started to practice when they were kids.

    There was no comparison between our skill sets, and I’m sure that’s also true for kids that golf.

    It’s great you are bringing out the value of early golf experience for kids. Kids should all know what it’s like to play and see how it might fit their lives.

    Also, having the right golf equipment is so important, to prevent injuries, maximize success, and to make one feel and look professional. I wonder if the clubs your wife had were just the right fit for her? At least your kids got use from them. Not sure I’d be caught in a pink karate gi, though. LOL 🙂

    Thanks for this great site, and valuable article about golf and kids.

    1. Christian,

      I really appreciate your comments, it sounds like you have a lot of experience in different areas. As you said it is good for youngsters to start to golf early in life if they can and also, it is very important that they have the right golf equipment.
      There are golf club sets for youths, beginners and more advanced golfers.

      Thank you so much for your interest.


  2. Bobby, great post. I started golfing when I was about 10 too – but I don’t think I would have done it with a pink golf bag and Miss Piggy covers! Good for your son…he obviously loves the game.
    It does make a difference starting kids early. When I was growing up, golf was cheap and we’d sometimes play 27 holes a day (I don’t ever remember playing 36 – too hard on the hands). But we got good, fast, and had a lot of fun.
    My kids have never took up golf – despite being pretty good at it on the range. We weren’t members anywhere, it was expensive and time consuming and pretty much something I’d only do if it was work related. Otherwise, Couldn’t fit it in. And had other things to spend money on. You know?
    But I do love to play every now and then. And you’re right, it’s important to get the little ones out when they’re young. They’ll have it for life.
    Thanks for this.

    1. Larry,

      It is nice to see your interest in golf. It is good for the mind and soul. The is why I made this website

      By the way the pink bag and clubs were sold just a few years ago in a yard sale. Good memories!

      Thanks for your interest and comments.


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