History Of Golf!

Blackheath, London

In 1608, according to tradition, Blackheath was the place where golf was introduced to England – the Royal Blackheath Golf Club.  The club was one of the first golf associations established (1766) outside Scotland. Since 1923 it has been in nearby Eltham. Blackheath also gave its name to the first hockey club, established during the mid 19th century.

Play Golf at St. Andrews  in Scotland!   Is own as the Home of Golf

For those who don’t understand the game here is a brief break down. 

In golf, a golfer plays a number of holes in a given order. 18 holes played in an order controlled by the golf course design, normally make up a game. On a nine-hole course, two nine-hole rounds make up a normal game. Each hole starts from the teeing area. Golfers put the ball on a small stand called a tee and swing a club at it to try and hit it as straight and far as possible. Once each golfer in the group has done this, the person whose ball landed farthest from the hole hits his again, followed by everyone else, one person at a time, until everyone is on the green. The green is the area near the hole where the grass is cut very short. Once on the green the players will try to “put” the ball into the hole. Putting is similar to a regular swing except it is not as hard and the player does not want the ball to go in the air. Once each player has put their ball into the hole, the group moves on to the next hole.

Each time a player swings at his ball, it is considered a “stroke”. Each hole is a certain number of strokes that golfers are expected to need to get their ball into the hole. This is known as the “par”. If a player gets his ball in the hole one less than the par he gets a “birdie”  and if the player gets his ball in the hole two less than par he gets a “eagle.”  Now, on a par 3 if the player hits his ball in the hole on his first stroke it is called a “hole in one.”    Or maybe many of us would call that a  “miracle.”

If it takes him one more shot then the par it is known as a bogey. Most holes have a par between 3 and 5.

The two common forms of playing golf are match play and stroke play. In match play, two golfers (or two teams) play holes one at a time. The golfer with the lower number of strokes (number of times the golfer used to get his ball in the hole) wins that hole. If the two have the same number of strokes, the hole is “halved” (drawn). The golfer that has the greatest number of holes wins. In stroke play, the golfer (or team) with the smallest number of strokes all together wins.             Do You Got All Of That?

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  1. Wow!! Now here is a site dedicated to the world of golf. By some one who really knows their history of golf. To be quite honest I know absolutely nothing about golf, lol. My grandpa sure did though 🙂
    After checking out this site, I feel like I could go tear up the green!! Any takers? Lol
    Great site, I’m impressed.
    Always thought I;d have a hard time with the swing. Maybe one day we’ll have to find out!

  2. Thanks for explaining the origin of golf and the different types of play. I don’t play golf, but watch it occasionally on TV. Maybe one day I’ll take up the sport. Will check your site out further.

    1. Owain,
      I am glad you liked the origin and also the different types of play. It is a fun game but it can frustrate you when you are a beginner. Yet it is also relaxing .
      Thanks for visiting.

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