What Are The Odds That I Can Get A Hole In One?

What Are The Odds That I Can Get A Hole In One?

Our entire golf  industry is predicated on knowing the exact odds, so we can confidently tell you that we think we know what we’re talking about.

So, without further ado, the odds of an Amateur Golfer making a Hole In One on a par 3 hole are roughly 12,500 to 1.

Furthermore, the odds of a Professional Golfer making a Hole In One on a par 3 hole are closer to 2,500 to 1.

Now,  armed with this information, we can surmise the odds of someone making a hole in one at your event.  Assuming that your golf outing has a standard field of approximately 100 amateurs, and your golf course has the standard four par 3 holes, the chances of someone in your tournament making an ace are roughly 1 in 32. Not too bad!

In A Professional Tournament,  the chances are even more likely that a hole in one is made. Most PGA Tour events have 144 players, all of whom are professionals, typically. The chances that a hole in one is made during a single day of the tournament are roughly 1 in 4.5.  Thus, the chances of a hole in one being made during a standard four-day PGA Tour event are roughly 1 in 1! Now you know those guys are good!

No doubt at some point in your life, you’ve heard a tale of two players making a hole in one on the same hole in the same event. Remarkably the chances of this feat happening are incredibly slim: roughly 32,000 to 1. Or perhaps you’ve heard about the golfer who made aces on consecutive par 3 holes: the odds of that feat run at nearly 156,250,000 to 1 as well, or roughly the same chances as winning the Powerball lottery!

That would be wishful thinking for the majority of us duffers out there.

My son-in-laws father got A Hole In One a few years ago.  He called me one morning about 6:00 a.m.  He woke me up and after wiping  my eyes, I answered the telephone.  It was Doug!  I said ,   “What in the world are you calling me so early for is there a problem?”  He said,  “No I just couldn’t sleep all night because I got A Hole In One yesterday and I had to tell you.”

So, if Doug got a hole in one there is hope for the rest of us.  He would only golf a few times a month in good weather.  Living in Michigan he wouldn’t golf at all in the winter.  That is why there is always a chance for anybody to get “A Hole In One.”  As the saying goes, even a Blind Squirrel can find a Nut sometimes.

How about you, please tell me of your tremendous experiences of getting a hole in one.  Not only would I like to hear about it but also our other visitors as well.

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